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Clay Buchholz for Cy Young? Call me crazy but....

Posted on: August 22, 2010 10:30 pm
 Sure, I am a diehard Boston sports fan. And some might think I will be a bit bias(see Why Kobe Bryant is Overrated) but for right now, just listen to me and I will make my point across to why Clay Buchholz should win the AL Cy Young. I know Yankee fans will say CC, but for what reason?Because he has 17 wins?Well Clay Buchholz is 15-5 which is a good record, but wins and losses doesn't matter. Clay has a stellar ERA and is what the Cy Young award description says, "The most dominant pitcher in his league."
For this argument, I will go outside the wins and losses, even outside of the ERA that can make a good pitcher into a great pitcher.
Clay Buchholz
  • 15-5 on the year
  • 2.26 ERA
  • 114 hits
  • 7 HR
  • 53 walks
  • 96 K's
  • Whip of 1.20
  • Opponent BA of .224
Also,remember that he was on the 15 day DL for a portion of the year
For agruments sake, I will compare that to CC.
CC Sabathia
  • 17-5
  • 3.02 ERA
  • 168 hits
  • 15 HR
  • 61 walks
  • 151 K's
  • 1.22 WHIP
  • Opponent BA of .243
For right now CC is better in two of the categories, but that could easily be tied if Buchholz didn't get injured, but he also could've hit a rough stretch right there and lost two or three games.
No disrespect to Rays fans with me not including David Price as he is also a top notch pitcher and very likely contender barring any injury.
So, you may think I'm bias, but look at the stats. The information is right there in front of your face.

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Posted on: June 18, 2011 1:45 pm

Clay Buchholz for Cy Young? Call me crazy but....

FYI,  Bucholz stinks

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Posted on: August 30, 2010 12:20 am

Clay Buchholz for Cy Young? Call me crazy but....

Good yea Clay is a nice young pitcher he has some good stuff but to be the most dominant pitcher in the AL i dont think so there is other's Felix being one of them. 

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Posted on: August 29, 2010 8:15 am

Clay Buchholz for Cy Young? Call me crazy but....

They don't care about what team your on? He is 10-10. That is not a good record. Let alone a dominant one. The most dominating pitcher in the AL: Clay Buchholz.

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Posted on: August 27, 2010 5:21 am

Clay Buchholz for Cy Young? Call me crazy but....

Your crazy! Felix keeps up what he is doing and only gets 15 wins which is possible with about 7 starts left he will take it hands down 

10-10 on crappy team2.47 era171 hits (204 inns) clay 114 in 13914 hr56 bb192 K'S1.11 WHIPOpponent BA .225

Also remember he plays for the Mariners and 7 times he allowed (2) ER or less and either lost or got a ND

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Posted on: August 26, 2010 2:24 pm

Clay Buchholz for Cy Young? Call me crazy but....

Im a Red Sox fan too by comparisan Clay is better but who else is in consideration i mean Price is in there and so is  even Papelbon and if Cahill get going he might be trouble same with C.J. Wilson

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Posted on: August 26, 2010 1:15 pm

Clay Buchholz for Cy Young? Call me crazy but....

Clay Buchholz has pitched 50 FEWER INNINGS THAN FELIX HERNANDEZ AND IS NOWHERE NEAR FELIX's STRIKEOUTS! Its is absurd to consider someone who has pitched a quarter of a season less of innings (5 total complete games) over someone with a similar era and much better strikeout number. PRICE AND SABATHIA BOTH HAVE LESS STRIKEOUTS, LESS INNINGS PITCHED, AND HALF A RUN HIGHER ERA. Its not Felix's fault he has had to pitch with HISTORICALLY BAD run support! The cy young award winner awards the best pitcher, not the pitcher who gets the most name drops on baseball tonight. quit it with the east coast bias man you should stay up until 130 am one night and watch him pitch. If he was playing on the red sox, yankees, or rays there would be no discussion as to who the Cy Young winner would be, this is a laughable, uninformed, biased post.

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Posted on: August 23, 2010 4:56 pm

Clay Buchholz for Cy Young? Call me crazy but....

Should definately warrant consideration. But if you look closely  how about Cahill, #2 ERA, best batting avg against, best WHIP, record tying 21 straight starts of 7 inn 6 hits or less, 32 straight innings no ER. And he is never mentioned. He will not win but has to be considered. Everyone will point to his low strikeout total, but Greg Maddux had a "pretty good" career pitching this same way.

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