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Posted on: August 22, 2010 10:30 pm

Clay Buchholz for Cy Young? Call me crazy but....

 Sure, I am a diehard Boston sports fan. And some might think I will be a bit bias(see Why Kobe Bryant is Overrated) but for right now, just listen to me and I will make my point across to why Clay Buchholz should win the AL Cy Young. I know Yankee fans will say CC, but for what reason?Because he has 17 wins?Well Clay Buchholz is 15-5 which is a good record, but wins and losses doesn't matter. Clay has a stellar ERA and is what the Cy Young award description says, "The most dominant pitcher in his league."
For this argument, I will go outside the wins and losses, even outside of the ERA that can make a good pitcher into a great pitcher.
Clay Buchholz
  • 15-5 on the year
  • 2.26 ERA
  • 114 hits
  • 7 HR
  • 53 walks
  • 96 K's
  • Whip of 1.20
  • Opponent BA of .224
Also,remember that he was on the 15 day DL for a portion of the year
For agruments sake, I will compare that to CC.
CC Sabathia
  • 17-5
  • 3.02 ERA
  • 168 hits
  • 15 HR
  • 61 walks
  • 151 K's
  • 1.22 WHIP
  • Opponent BA of .243
For right now CC is better in two of the categories, but that could easily be tied if Buchholz didn't get injured, but he also could've hit a rough stretch right there and lost two or three games.
No disrespect to Rays fans with me not including David Price as he is also a top notch pitcher and very likely contender barring any injury.
So, you may think I'm bias, but look at the stats. The information is right there in front of your face.
Posted on: May 27, 2010 7:30 pm

The Curious Case of the Boston Redsox

    I am here to talk about the Boston Redsox and how they are starting to turn it around along with some of those bats. Over the offseason, the Redsox were very close to aquiring Adrian Gonzalez. Once the pieces could not be agreed on, they decided to hold off and most people said that they would begin new discussions at the trade deadline expecting the Padres would struggle. But right there is where the problem is. They are off to a very good start and will not be trading their key players. First, I will discuss what we have know.
   If we got another first baseman, one of two situations would have to happen. Youk goes to third and Beltre sits or one or the other plays DH. Adrian Beltre is starting to turn things around as shown with last nights 2 HR and a triple, 6 RBI performance. Also David Ortiz is starting to hit better. 
   Now on to the possible trade possibilites. I have heard Paul Konerko is on the trade block along with Prince Fielder. The Brewers want to get rid of his big contract along with getting some good young pitchers. The White Sox as it seems are in and/or close to rebuilding mode and are probably wishing to get good, young prospects.

Any thoughts?
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